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Art: SGA (SG-1) genderfuck cast picture and icons

Done entirely using the mousepad because my tablet PC decided that just as I started this would be a good time to die

From left to right standing: Lt. Anna Ford (who is being stopped from going crazy by:), Maj. Eva Lorne, Dr. Elliot Weir, Specialist Reena Dex, Dr. Meredith 'Mer' McKay, Lt. Col. Jennifer 'Jen' Sheppard, Tagan Emmagen, Lt. Col. Sam Carter, Dr. Daniella 'Ella' Jackson, Gen. Jacqueline 'Jackie' O'Neill, Teal'yn, Lt. Col. Carla Mitchell, Vincent 'Vinnie' Mal Doran

From left to right sitting: Dr. Caitlin Beckett, Lt. Leo Cadman, Dr. Riza Zelenka, Dr. Joanna Quinn

Click once for a non-blurry version, click twice for larger, non-blurry version

Also, icons... (I really need to figure out how to use that icon table generator thingie)

Anna                                 Anna and Eva               Caitlin                                Caitlin and Leo

Elliot                                 Eva                               Eva and Elliot                     Leo

Elliot and Reena               Reena                           Reena, Mer and Jen         Mer

Mer and Jen                     Jen                               Mer, Jen and Tagan         Team SGA-1

Tagan                              Riza                              Sam                                    Sam and Ella

Ella                                   Ella and Jackie           Sam, Ella and Jackie       Jackie

Team SG-1                     Ella, Jackie and Teal'yn     Teal'yn                           Ella, Jackie, Teal'yn
                                                                                                                          and Carla
Teal'yn and Carla             Carla                              Carla and Vinnie                Vinne

Joanna                           SGA cast                         SG-1 cast

Comments are love
Everything is totally snaggable, credit is appreciated but not necessary
Blanks are bases, pic can be used for anything, I'm very open about these things but if you do something with it I'd like to see :)

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HAAHAAAAAA!!! You just made my day!
ext_107919: Jeremy, Vietnam (Default)

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Thank you! I'm glad. *g*
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Love the idea of transforming the whole cast -- and while all of them make me smile, particularly Jen and Mer, your male Vala is *perfect;* this is totally how he'd smirk and stretch.
ext_107919: Jeremy, Vietnam (Default)

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Thank you, I'm quite proud of how he came out so I'm glad you liked him. *g*

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That's so cute! Zelenka is my favorite. :)
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Thank you! I'm glad you liked her :)

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Too perfect! If I had the room, I would so steal the Mer & Jen one for my Jill and Mer 'verse - wonderful version of them as chicks. Love it!
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Thank you, that's such a wonderful compliment, I just found your Jill and Mer fics and they were part of my inspiration for drawing this.

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Oh, wow! Very cool!

I also have to note the love of how you switched Teyla and Ronon as well - those two are the ones I had the worst time visualizing as anything other than they already are. You definitely made it work though.
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Some of them were really easy to visualise, others took a while, I found Teyla quite easy to do but Ronon went through about three different incarnations before I got the current Reena

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eta: I mean, hmm yes, very nice. ;)
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Thank you *g* I'm glad you liked them