Fic: Mine

May. 22nd, 2008 08:44 pm
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Author: lifevolutionary

Title:  Mine

Fandom: SGA

Pairing:  John/Rodney

Description:  Elizabeth  finds  out something new, the Pegasus galaxy way.

Disclaimer: *sing-song* Not mine, not mine, not mine *sing-song* *Peeks out from under eyelashes* *whispers* Is that enough?

Elizabeth wasn't quite sure why it had happened.


Although, it wasn't really why it had happened in general, because this was Pegasus and you got used to this sort of thing. More, why it had happened to her in particular. When you didn't have the Antcient gene, you could usually consider yourself safe from random glowy devices giving you telepathy.


Rodney was standing next to her bed in the infirmary going on at length. Trying to give an explanation; but basically saying that he had no idea how it had happened, just wasn't ready to admit it yet. Elizabeth, for once, wasn't listening to him; just making encouraging noises and wearing her diplomatic face. She was listening to the thoughts that were cascading into her brain from all sides. Mostly she was listening to what people were thinking about Rodney.


Carson was bitching inside his head, in a way he never did out loud and it had shocked her until she'd learnt to filter enough to hear the good natured tone.


Teyla's thoughts were as calm and ordered as her speech but there was a second layer underneath, that Elizabeth could barely hear, that buzzed with worry and concern. Teyla showed that she also knew Rodney well enough to understand when he was talking a lot without really saying anything, even if she didn't understand the technical aspects.


Ronon was following the explanation with a lot more technical ability than Elizabeth would have expected, he was thinking through Rodney’s method and generally coming to the same conclusion that they had nothing, yet, but he was sure Rodney would think of something. It surprised Elizabeth and then she felt guilty about assuming that being a solider meant he wasn't that intelligent.


Rodney's thoughts were just following along with his explanation but with three or four lower levels of thought underneath, running through equations and ideas. Elizabeth had had to block those out the best she could or they blurred together into a migraine inducing buzz.


John wasn't thinking much of anything. That Elizabeth could hear, at least. He'd been the only one to attempt to block his thoughts from her, the only one to worry about her invading the privacy of his head. Frankly, Elizabeth was grateful to him and she was on the verge of asking the others to do the same when one thought leaked from behind John’s walls and left her speechless.


His eyes were focused on Rodney, his face was perfectly blank but his thought was saturated with emotion.




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